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Traveller-AR is a Space-based MMORPG Game for iPhone that combines 3D visual immersion with deep RPG complexity.
Company Overview

IngZ, Inc
IngZ, Inc. combines the latest technology with passion and continuous innovation to create fun, easy-to-use smartphone games and other applications which deeply engage players and consumers.
IngZ’s initial games (originally released by Next Horizon Media) include:

Dominos-42 can be enjoyed as a single player or, using wifi, a multiplayer game for up to 4 players.

Wild West Texas Hold ‘em adds characters and shooting matches to the well-known poker game.
Doodle Hunt uses the iPhone’s accelerometer as you hunt for eggs and avoid the creatures protecting them.
In Traveller-AR, ingZ combines fighting, trading and exploring in outer space with character and ship choices into a brand-new type of game using augmented reality and other cutting-edge technologies.

IngZ has also used cutting-edge location-based technologies to develop:
touringZ, an iPhone guided tour application allowing local experts to share their knowledge by creating guided iPhone tours which can be taken by anyone with an iPhone
and the best-selling

365 ThingZ to do: Austin, THE mobile guide to Austin, Texas fun things to do, from restaurants and live music to pet-friendly and family-friendly activities.
Become instantly immersed in the beautiful and deadly augmented reality of deep space.
Patent Pending Portal-View Technology™ lets you Augment the Reality around you, just as if you were looking out the portal of a real space-ship. Learn More

Explore a Galaxy’s worth of depth achieving new ranks, trophies, and levels for you and your ship.
HexMode™ lets you zoom out and engage in tactical combat, trading, and exploration… just like the Original Traveller Pen and Paper RPG. Learn More

Engage in exciting PvP or PvE battles or simply explore and trade for infinite replay-ability.
The Nav-Wheel™ interface lets you play tactically and intuitively without getting in the way of the action. Learn More

Austin, TX


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