3Gear’s mission is to bring gestures to everyday computer interfaces. We’re developing cutting edge computer vision technology and designing user experiences that are highly intuitive, comfortable and enjoyable. Our goal is to empower users of 2D mice and touchpads with 3D ten-finger dexterous control.
We’re a three-person team based out of San Francisco trying to fundamentally change the way people interact with computers.

Robert WangRobert Wang explored computer vision and human computer interaction in his doctoral thesis at MIT. Inspired by early work in virtual reality and Michael Jackson, Robert created a color patchwork glove and a set of algorithms for tracking a user’s hands in real-time with a webcam.

Chris TwiggChris Twigg figured out how to step back in time while getting his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University. Before founding 3Gear Systems, Chris pushed the envelope of digital visual effects at Industrial Light and Magic R&D.

Kenrick KinKenrick Kin got his Ph.D. from Cal but spent much of his time in grad school at Pixar Animation Studios inventing ways to use multitouch screens to build rich 3D environments for computer-animated films.

164 South Park St
San Francisco, CA 94107 USA



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