The ShootAR – First True Augmented Reality FPS Game


About The ShootAR

The ShootAR is the first product by Future Reality Games Company for smartphone users. The FPS game incorporates the Augmented Reality technology. The data for a dynamic, multiplayer gameplay are processed from the phone GPS receptor and the digital compass.

On the mobile screen, the player can see his own surroundings registered by the smartphone camera, with the addition of objects generated by the game, such as currently used weapons, movement sensor and available ammunition gauge. Soon the possibility of open – air battles and shooting at co-players will not be limited to paintball. Games can even be held at city centres.

The basic version of the game will be available as freeware. Small fees will be charged for additional equipment and other character enhancement elements. It is worth to mention that an alternative way to obtain these elements is planned. – „We are working on solutions which enable players to obtain bonuses for the game together with various purchases and services in real-life shops. We plan to use the game as a effective marketing platform.” states Dariusz Żołna, the CEO of Future Reality Games.

The ShootAR will be available for iOS, Android i Bada smartphones. Release date was not disclosed yet, but please follow our Facebook fanpage, where we will carry on a beta tests recruitment. On the fanpage you will also find further information about development progress.

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    I found this in the Google Play store and was very excited to download it, but it said "this app is not available in your country." If you guys don't like Canada so much that you have to block us from using your apps, then you can forget about me buying your stuff. Bye.

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