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Germany’s most innovative musicians-magazine provides you with the augmented reality app access to even more content! charging you the app down, look at the pages in the book by the camera of your iPhone or iPad and discover digital content such as videos, sound files, image galleries, 3D models , links and funny animations.


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With the Sound & Recording augmented reality app you appear the Sound & Recording magazine to life! You have the corresponding pages in the magazine “by the camera” look of your iPhone in order to see them and make use of.


1) Install the app from the iTunes Store ( ) and download free the AR content of the desired output down.
2) Start the app and choose your new issue in the overview.
3) Move the Sound & Recording output before you.
4) The camera of your iPhone is launched. holding it so the magazine that you see all the edges of the booklet in the camera.
5) Keep your camera via the table of contents., where you can see where you at Issue can find digital content.
6) Find sites with the AR icon. holding the camera over the side and you will find the digital content.
7) You should have an Internet connection, as video and audio to be streamed from the web. The saves storage space on your iPhone.
8) If the digital content disappear, avoid glare and reflections on the issue and go with the iPhone back a piece of the book away, back to all four edges of the magazine can be seen on the screen.


You have an output (real book / from issue 03/2013) of the Sound & Recording magazine have to use the app to the augmented reality content are free of course you always get the appearance of the new edition of a push notification.. with the info about the new book.


The app works on both iPhone 4, 4S and 5 as well as iPad 2, 3 and 4 , the processor of the iPhone 3G is too slow (violent jerks, crashes), the iPad 1 has no camera.


Have questions about the app or notes, then write us a mail to:

The Sound & Recording magazine is not only one of the three best-selling music magazines in Germany, but by far the most innovative of all the way there. in addition to the iPad app, free to read the iPad edition of the magazine in subscribers.

The current issue’s stocks in store at Sound & Recording

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