Sasquatch spotted in Augmented Reality

Embark on a Legend Tracking geo-caching augmented reality adventure! Your goal is to explore and collect treasure such as Legend Tracking Tools that will enable you to find and see Legends.

Legend-Tracker After selecting a Legend to track you will learn more about that Legend and the region it resides. When exploring a region, visit Treasure Marks and use your camera to see hot air balloons floating around, they carry gold coins and Tracker upgrades. Using your Tracker you can monitor the current location of a Legend as it travels a region. Upgrading your Tracker will allow you get an accurate enough location that you will not only be able to find but use your camera to see the Legend! Some regions also allow you to Time Travel by visiting Time Marks, these locations allow you to look back in time using your camera! Regardless of where you are you can use your camera to see Golden Eagles that will challenge you from time to time.

Here’s a quick snippet of what it looks like to find a Legend with the all new Legend Tracker.

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