Saagara Launches LAUNCHES Crowdfunding Campaign to “Unite World in Meditation”

New “See & Do Together” Platform Will Allow Users to Meditate In Unison With Others Across Globe Using Mobile Technology, Internet.


ANN ARBOR, MI, USA (July 18, 2013)- Michigan-based tech company Saagara ( has launched a campaign on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo ( to aid in the development of their new app platform See & Do Together. This platform will work in tandem with their upcoming app, Universal Meditation, to allow users to engage in group meditation without actually sharing a physical space. Saagara hopes to use this platform to attain one of their ultimate goals: one million people meditating in unison.

Saagara’s goal is to raise $150,000 to fund the completion of this project. They’ve opted to pursue a crowdfunding approach because it allows current fans and new users alike to play a part in the development process.

Saagara is already in the final development stages for See & Do Together. Though extensive product previews are still forthcoming, the platform has already generated extensive interest: at press time, the platform’s Facebook page ( already has over 140,000 “likes”, making it the largest meditation group currently on Facebook. Upon release, the See & Do Together platform will be available on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and the web.

Saagara is a mobile app developer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They’re best known for their flagship app Pranayama (, a virtual guide for deep, mindful breathing. Saagara’s mission is to improve health by raise consciousness all over the world.

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