Maryland360° app combines the latest mobile technology with Augmented Reality

The Maryland360° app combines the latest mobile technology with Augmented Reality (AR).

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This app brings you exclusive videos from University of Maryland (UMD). It turns your front camera lens into an AR platform so you can explore fun and engaging content from UMD posters and images. Point your device at an interactive poster to unveil exclusive content, overlaid by stunning animations.

The second feature of this app lets you try on the team uniform. The Photo Booth option allows you to take pictures of yourself, your friends or family and add exclusive UMD football merchandise. You can then show off your new style on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, experience what it’s like to be a football athlete at UMD. With the 360º Photos tab, you can visit the stadium, locker room and weight room through your device. Simply drag your finger across the screen or move your entire device for a full 360º experience.

Download and launch the app, and choose the AR lens

Point your device at the image here to see the AR content :

Ready, set, go !

Download Maryland 360 and experience augmented reality, image overlay and a 360 view of the stadium.

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