Marwick Moss Augmented Reality

Marwick & Moss Augmented Reality Country Cottage
Our innovative approach to selling property sometimes uncovers new technologies and when we discovered Augmented Reality (AR) with our friends at, we just had to share the fun with you.

Marwick Moss

Augmented Reality (AR) allows a Smartphone user to view fantastic 3D images from a special App.
View and interact with our amazing 3D Country Cottage, remove the roof and go inside, drop the cottage down the lift shaft or just look around this amazing 3D Cottage.

Marwick Moss

When installed, point your device to the “Marker”. The Marker is a unique, printed image, designed to view the 3D image. We have printed thousands of double sided, Drip Mats (Beer Mats) displaying the Markers for this App, if you don’t have one, you can follow the in App help menu to get one or simply download and print your copy at Have fun!

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