“The Mall” Software with Mobile Augmented Reality Guiding System (3D)

For the past year and half, I have been working with an Austrian multi-channel, communication and design agency called Jump Tomorrow, here in Vienna Austria, to develop an essential product to serve all shopping mall experiences. It’s a complete Marketing package.

Mobile Augmented Reality Guiding System

A new technology that we are trying to be the pioneers in providing a complete solution for mall visitors, store owners, and mall managers. The product is definitely the way of the future in Mall marketing, finally mall owners can have the data and statistics of who comes in the mall.

Mobile Augmented Reality Guiding System

Internet retailing can collect all the data because of the clicks they get and where they get them, only now, this kind of data can be collected in the physical mall, and no need for marketing surveys.

Mobile Augmented Reality Guiding System

Today, mall managers and shop owners can target each person walking in the mall uniquely, for a quick example, if you and I walk in the mall, and you like shoes and I like watches, when we pass by a shoe store, you will get a discount to make you enter that shop because of your interest, where I wouldn’t get that offer knowing that I don’t have interest, but when we pass by a watch shop, I would get an offer to make me walk in, where you wouldn’t get the same offer because the mall manager and the software knows you are not interested. It’s a revolutionary product really..

Author: Kiran Voleti

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