LuxVR: Virtual Reality with LuxRender

LuxVR is a visionary LuxRender ( project to introduce the interactive experience as a new kind of media produced by traditional off-line renderers. Up to now the output of an off-line rendering package has always been an image or an animation. May be under different forms (i.e printed, on a screen, tape, DVD or whatever) but still an image or an animation. LuxVR delivers a new media, the output is the interactive experience.


You can find more details about this project and the ongoing discussion here:

The video was recorded on a i7 3930k + HD7970 + 2xHD5870 (only the bump mapping scene was recorded without the HD7970). Resolutoins 1920×1200, 1270×720 and 640×360 were used.

NOTE: music Vivaldi’s “Concert n.8 op.3 for 2 violins and orchestra” played by orchestra “L’Estro Armonico” and available under Creative Commons license at

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