LoadAR – Immersive Augmented Eyewear with Spatial Gesture Recognition

Loadar (Load Augmented Reality) – See the world differently! Design concept of augmented reality glasses with binocular immersive view and spatial finger tracking.

LoadAR - Immersive Augmented Eyewear

Loadar (load augmented reality) is a design concept for AR glasses, eyewear pilot device by Google, related to Project Glass. Loadar is bringing the real-time AR experience through fashionable binocular full size augmented view. Design opens up potential for spatial tracking and spatial gestures. This user interaction creates truly immersive world of mixed reality and AR content. Loadar can be fitted with dioptric lenses and customized parts.

Concept :

• wearable eyewear computer
• load augmented reality (loadar)
• pilot Google device for augmented reality content
• full frame size covered point of view
• fashionable hi-technology product
• spatial upgraded interaction
• immersive full dual view AR interaction
• loadar can be walkar, playar, runnar, findar, drivar,..
• eye – most important human receptor augmented

For complete detailed overview visit http://www.loadar.com/LOADAR_introduction.pdf

Ok, Glass Explorers, what do you think about glass future? Binocular spatial gesture interface and immersive AR environment?


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