What Is the SeeThru?

The Laster SeeThru is lightweight (just under 2 oz.) wireless augmented reality (AR) eyewear. When you wear the SeeThru, information about your surroundings pops up without disrupting your normal field of vision. The information you see changes depending on what you are seeing. For instance, if you’re looking at a mountain chain, information about each peak can pop up alongside the landscape as you take it in. This kind of contextual information gives you a better awareness of your surroundings. There’s no looking up or down at tiny screens in the corner of your glasses with the SeeThru. Look the world straight in the eye, and the SeeThru will support you, seamlessly.

Augmented reality is a technology that we feel everyone should be able to experience. There are just so many exciting applications we have developed already—for biking, sailing, skiing, skateboarding, and flying—with many more possibilities in the future.


How it works?

The Laster SeeThru is the first genuine wireless augmented reality glasses device. Your smartphone acts as the SeeThru’s processor. The two devices connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

You can download currently available apps onto your phone, or develop your own, and use the SeeThru to experience the world in a completely new way. Thanks to Laster’s patented core technology, you can see crystal-clear images and augmented reality information on the SeeThru’s lens screen. You can even answer phone calls with the SeeThru’s built-in Bluetooth kit, listen to music, display e-mails, text messages, contact data, and e-books and other texts.
The rechargeable battery can power the SeeThru for up to 6-8 hours.


We are developing several applications to accompany the first round of manufacturing that are designed to support users in a variety of outdoor activities.

Source : LASTER SeeThru

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