The Vision of The H(app)athon Project is to Give Big Data a Direction and help people leverage the mobile sensors in their smartphones to identify what brings them meaning in their lives. We’ve created a survey that will be complemented by tools that track action and behavior in a private data environment. By analyzing a person’s answers and data, we’ll identify their Personal Happiness Indicator Score (PHI), a representation of their core strength much like a Myers-Briggs personality description.
After taking our survey, a person can then be matched to an activity that will optimize their well being or to an organization that reflects their PHI Score in a form of data-driven micro-volunteerism. There’s a great deal of science documenting that action and altruism increase happiness. So we’re simply identifying where people already find meaning in their lives to help connect them to ways to get happier while helping others. At scale, we feel this is the way we save the world, move BeyondGDP, and create a future based on transparency and metrics that focus on worth over wealth.
At the moment, we’re just beginning our work. Our survey can be taken online and on iPhones, and we’re seeking funding to build out the sensor portion of our data collection. We’ve partnered with the City of Somerville, MA to pilot our proof-of-concept model beginning in the Summer of 2013 for the next six to eight months. Somerville is the only American city to implement Happiness Indicator metrics with a sitting government. Our hope is that by adding sensor data into the mix we can gain critical insights to help with transparent city planning that improves citizens’ well-being.

The first phase of the H(app)athon Project’s work will culminate in a large-scale conference on March 20, 2014 with the release of the H(app)athon App where we’ll also feature videos and survey results from the duration of the Project along with multiple talks and panels from people involved in our work. More info soon.

John C. Havens:
160 Maplewood Avenue, #1201
Maplewood, NJ 07040-0000

Email: John@happathon.com

Contact: 917-597-3323

Website: http://happathon.com/book

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