Goodnight Lad – Augmented Reality Children’s Book

Experience a hidden world on every page

We all want our children to love reading. But, no matter how much kids love books if they see or hear a phone they are instantly distracted. By combining traditional books with new technology we bring a whole new life to reading-time which will have your kids begging to explore the next page.

Goodnight Lad

Goodnight Lad is a story familiar to many parents of children who just won’t go to sleep. In the book, the Logan’s parents travel the world in hopes to tire him out. They travel to fun places like the world of parties and the land of drums. At first Logan has fun, but as time goes on he gets more and more cranky. They start to believe all is lost as he begins to terrorize the world… but finally gets tired and goes to bed.

The real magic begins when you pull out your iOS or Android device and point it at the pages of the book. The book comes to life in a 3D world with exciting animations that appear to pop right out of the book. It is an amazing experience that will leave your children amazed. They’ll wonder what other hidden worlds exist and where to find them.

Goodnight Lad

The book itself is 28 pages long. With beautiful illustrations and a great rhythm and rhyme. With your help we can finish the animations for the rest of the book and create a truly immersive experience.

About the Project

My son Logan struggled when he was really young. He had acid reflux, allergies to milk products, and wouldn’t sleep unless somebody was holding him. It was a trying time for us, but miraculously we could get him to calm down using either books or technology.

I’ve always been torn about the technology side of things. I myself am an App developer so I have a particular love for it, but I also know how easy it can get in the way of children’s learning. I’ve always wondered how we could stop using technology to waste time and start using it to encourage learning. That’s when I came up the idea to fuse technology and children’s books, and the project Goodnight Lad was born.

Download the demo app from the Play Store:

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