“GlassFit for GOOGLE Glass” – Up and Coming Augmented Reality Exercise app for Google Glass

An exercise games platform for Google Glass. Exercise is never going to be the same again – it’s going to be fun.



GlassFit is an exercise software for, primarily, Google Glass.

“Get fit or have fun trying” – our goal is to reinvent how we exercise.
Exercise is about to change for ever – it’s about to get fun.

What is GlassFit?

We are building an exercise games platform for Glassware, primarily Google Glass. We want to revolutionise exercise forever. We want to make exercise fun.


Exercise is hard. Exercise is repetitive. People want something that can make exercise fun, that can motivate them to exercise more; that can help them to push their own limits.


3D exercise games: get fit or have fun trying. Race Yourself is Glassfit’s flagship game. Race against a virtual avatar of yourself at your personal best or average time or both. Why stop there? Our Google Glass games will have users running with friends, racing against Usain Bolt and zombies as standard. We call the technology behind our platform camera corrected projection. It’s a battery-light and CPU-light version of augmented reality.


GlassFit for Google Glass and our mission is to become the first and best virtual exercise games company.

For more questions please visit our website: www.glassfitgames.com

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