G-maps is a young company active in the production of augmented reality app and LBS technologies.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving towards forms of personalization and communication more and more social, G-maps wants to make the interests, passions and needs of people becoming more accessible and “scope of smartphones.” LA MISSION Create intuitive applications and intelligent systems based on geographical and / or image recognition, to enhance the reality and offer a sensory experience increased.

G-maps is a software company that develops applications, products and services for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) through innovative technologies including geo-location intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR – Augmented Reality), LBS (Location Based Services), and technologies for displaying maps and routes on site (3D mapping). Established in Ferrara in 2010 by Emanuele Bora

sio, the team of G-maps is composed of young engineers who have experience in academia behind. Geologists, engineers, architects, but also marketing professionals, who met at university and post-graduate (PhD, research grants and Spinner) and that have in common a passion for technologies related to geomatics. Soon more a year, G-maps has developed many projects in areas such as publishing, geosciences, PA, telecommunications, education, tourism, fashion. G-maps continually invests in its technological training. It is one of the few companies in Italy certified by Layar – one of the main platforms of augmented reality in the world – and actively participates in international conferences and meetings sponsored by the AR community. G-maps is also a Corporate Member of Mimos, the Italian movement modeling and simulation. every month in augmented reality content of G-maps recorded tens of thousands of hits both as downloaded applications is viewed as layers.

G-maps is a certified developer and partner of AR Layar browser, one of the principal platforms for Augmented Reality on the global level and Aurasma developer.G-maps provides businesses with the technology that enables them to communicate information to clients in an interactive manner. This is made possible thanks to applications that permit the visualisation of multimedia contents on smartphones and tablets, including geographical and environmental data, 3D models, images and video. Using the built-in camera of a mobile device to capture printed material, real objects or physical locations. Augmented Reality technology is then able to overlay and activate additional digital contents.

The Location Intelligence services developed by G-maps integrate Software Development with Business Intelligence and data georeferentiation. These technology represent the most innovative and direct method of collecting and interpreting a potentially unlimited amount of location-based data. Location Intelligence technology is able to help make sales and marketing decisions and activities more efficacious and efficient, potentiating the traditional advertising channels: G-maps creates geographical information systems containing data like user nationality, language, type of device, time and location of use, etc thereby making the most of the information originating from user mobile devices – fully adhering to the privacy laws in force.

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Via San Romano 75,
44121 Ferrara,

Email: info@g-maps.it

Contact: +39 0532 1863959

Website: http://www.g-maps.it/

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