Dumpy: Going Elephants – Oculus Rift VR Jam Game for IndieCade

Strap on that Oculus Rift to become Dumpy the Elephant! She just broke out of a carnival and is bopping her way to freedom. Rotate your head to fling cop cars over mountains and smash delicious ice cream trucks with your mighty trunk.


This crazy new art of Trunk-Fu is easy to learn but so hard to master. Her rampage takes place in a surreal lofi blisscape of exploding boys and trypnotic UFOs!



Brian Schrank: Team Lead, Art Lead, Design
Tom Huffman: Lead Programmer, Lead QA, Design, Art
Brian Gabor Jr.: Design, Programming, Audio, QA
Graham Gilreath: Audio Lead
David Bayzer: Art
Daniel Martinez: Art
Mike Langley: Art
Nathan Chamot: Design, Art

Special Thanks:
Chris Klein
David Laskey
Joe Elsey
Gama Barajas
Nick Fanelli
Steve Woo
Peter Sheff

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