Darkling Plain: An Augmented Reality Miniatures Board Game

This fantasy board game comes alive when your pieces transform into 3D heroes and beasts battling on a magical, living landscape.

Darkling plain

Welcome to our Kickstarter project! Darkling Plain is a miniatures board game that is powered by augmented reality (AR). Darkling Plain combines all the best aspects of a traditional board game such as Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride and a video game such as Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft. Board games offer a social experience and depth of play, while video games offer immersion, glorious eye-candy, and computational wizardry.

Hopefully we answer your questions here, but feel free to ask questions. We will also be posting lots of updates, including a video that is an example of play. We will also post videos highlighting the backstory of the setting and one that demonstrates the motion capture technology we use for character animations (a process in which you may participate if you choose the Augmented Animator pledge level!). More information is also available from game designer Stewart Wieck on Twitter. Follow him @stewartwieck.

There are no actual miniatures in Darkling Plain. You place cards that represent your units and other features, like a ring of standing stones or a village, upon a full-color game board. When the cards or board are viewed through the camera of a smart device or computer, the game comes to life like a video game. Spectacular special effects abound as a fantasy battle bursting with the magical and the medieval consumes your tabletop.

Importantly, the AR component of the game is not simply window-dressing. We are treating augmented reality as an important tool in the play of the game. It communicates vital visual clues to players, such as a unit’s readiness. It also allows features like truly invisible movement, real-time play, and airborne forces that are actually above the playing surface.

Visit Kickstarter Campaign at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1861515217/darkling-plain-an-augmented-reality-miniatures-boa

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