Blow Up Traffic with your iPhone

Is Road Rage getting the best of you? Introducing Blow Up Traffic™, the app designed as an entertaining alternative to Road Rage. With voice activation, simply yelling “Fire!” unleashes realistic Augmented Reality explosions on the road ahead resulting in an effectively satisfying visualization. Accompanied by deafening artillery fire and explosion sound effects, Blow Up Traffic™ turns everyday traffic into a full-blown war zone.

Blow Up Traffic

Mount Up, Blow Up
Simply mount Blow Up Traffic™ to your windshield with any standard windshield mount. Align the crosshairs to the horizon and raise your voice to trigger one of three random weapons.

Blow Up Traffic

Cure Road Rage and start looking forward to traffic with this delightfully fulfilling enhancement to your daily commute. Always remember, drive safe and Blow Up Traffic™ at your own risk.

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