Best Augmented Reality Apps for Kids

A Complete collection of best augmented reality apps for kids.

Cypher Kids Club – Wild Animal Adventures

*Cypher’s Wild Animal Adventures interactive cards are required for this application. Find Cypher’s interactive cards at a retailer near you.

With Cypher’s new 3D Interactive Cards, kids can bring their favorite animals to life instantly in amazing 3D! Cypher’s groundbreaking Augmented Reality technology lets kids watch the animals become part of the world around them and interact with them right onscreen. Find Cypher’s interactive cards at a retailer near you, download the app, and you’ll be ready to go on a 3D expedition into the animal kingdom. Hear the lion roar, watch the dolphin swim, and jump with the red-eyed tree frog! Listen to fun facts, silly sounds, and interactive prompts that let you become part of the fun.

iTunes :

Cypher Kids Club introduces “Wild Animal Adventures.” Using our i3D, interactive cards, “Wild Animal Adventures” harnesses augmented reality to make the animal kingdom come to life. Trigger the cards with your favorite device to learn about your lions, monkeys and tree frogs!

Make Learning Come to Life!

AR Flashcards make learning fun with the technology of Augmented Reality!

Welcome to a new world of Flashcards. AR Flashcards make learning fun with the technology of Augmented Reality!

“It’s definitely unique and a very clever way to get children involved in learning the alphabet and animal names.” –

“Through the use of augmented reality (AR) and flashcards – this app allows your children to learn in a new and exciting way! A new approach to flashcards!” – Digital Mom Blog

“My daughter was repeating the letters and animal names and I could tell that she was learning a lot from this app, which of course is what is most important to me as a parent.” –

“Children will love playing around with the cards and animals while learning the letters of the alphabet.” –

“I absolutely love this unique twist on flashcards. I really think the novelty of AR, in this case, will help capture kids’ attention and get them primed to learn.”

AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make Flashcards more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. With AR Flashcards, learning is fun! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D animal will pop up on the screen. Tap the animal to hear the letter and animal name.


  • 26 beautifully rendered Animals to help your toddler or preschooler learn the alphabet!
  • 6 beautifully rendered Dinosaurs!
  • Tap on each Animal to hear the Letter and name of the Animal!
  • Tap the screenshot button to save your pics of the beautiful AR animals!
  • Double tap the screen to bring up the focus button so that you can adjust your device’s camera to better bring up the animals.
  • You can print out the flashcards or if you own two iOS devices you can access the flashcards from within the app in a beautiful swipeable gallery!

Note You must visit to download and print the free Flashcard Markers necessary to make this app work. Make sure to print the flashcards in color as they will not work in black and white. This app will only work on devices with a camera.

This app links to the internet for the sole purpose of downloading and printing the required flash cards.

iTunes :

AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet is a new way to interact and make flashcards more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. With AR Flashcards, learning the Alphabet will be fun! This iphone/ipad app uses Augmented Reality, which is cutting edge technology that super imposes computer generated technology over a life view of the world!

Augmented Reality Solar System

Winner of the WiIl.I.Am – Reach for the Stars Competition !
AR Solar system is a virtual reality application that teaches you about our solar system in a fun novel way. Use AR Solar system to amaze your kids and encourage learning.

This application requires that you download and print the AR Solar System Trackable which can be found here:!ar-app-trackables/c1pvt
The application presents a virtual solar system complete with planets created over our custom designed trackable sheet. Planet Rotation speeds are based on actual NASA data
Why purchase expensive posters and models when you can download AR Solar system free.

This is a trial version, so expect many more improvements to follow
Please help us improve our app by providing feedback and suggestions.

Google Play :

Pre School

Pre School fun activities for your toddler! App ranked high in several countries! Loved by parents too!

HOLD TOBBY IN YOUR HAND! Augmented Reality feature for added fun!

Preschool Fun Pack for the young. Take your kids on a magical learning exploration with Toby the Doggie. Delight your child by popping balloons and making a rainbow! Ideal early learning education app that is interactive as well.

Make learning fun and exciting with the Preschool Fun pack. Sparkle your child’s development with engaging graphics and vivid colors. Kids are sure to have fun with colors, shapes, patterns, sequencing, comparison, matching and more! This pack is perfect for the little fingers and growing brains. Engage your little ones with fun filled learning at home, in a classroom setting or on the go.

Inspire imagination, thinking skills and learning while having fun!!


  • Activities and games that teach kids about colors, shapes, sizes, matching, differences and more
  • Adorable animated doggie plays along
  • Easy menus and navigation for the preschoolers
  • Stimulating sounds and voice recordings
  • Enhanced and colorful graphics
  • Confidence inspiring good job rewards


Pop balloons: Thrill your child by popping balloons of matching color

Fun with Black & White: Experience the difference of colors

Make a rainbow: Choose colors and make a rainbow

Fill color: Fill color with Toby of his choice

Shapes Matching: Match math shapes and shapes of tress, animals, fruits, butterflies and more!

Sequencing: Learn big and small, compare and pop balloons in the order of size

Identify the hidden animal: Pick the hidden animal that matches

HOLD TOBBY IN YOUR HAND! Augmented Reality feature for added fun!

Schogini Systems Pvt Ltd is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: 3+ (Pre School)

Many studies have shown that, engaging auditory and visual senses together play a major role in enhancing the attention span of children of all ages and they tend to remember for longer periods of time. Schools are finding that the use of apps increases their learning, retention and knowledge of the subject.


If you have any kind of problem please write to our SUPPORT and avoid negative reviews as we cannot respond directly to reviews. We guarantee 24 hour response time.

iTunes :

Rocks In My Socks: 3D Augmented Reality Activities

This free App is compatible with iPad2+ and works with 2 sets of gaming activities. First is the free Rock Launcher game, and the second is with 8 activities found in the Rocks In My Socks Book.

Get ready for some Augmented Reality fun! Yes, Augmented Reality – where reality as you know it is ‘augmented’to give you a new ‘out of this world’ experience.

From Dennis:
This app, along with the book, blows me away-so much fun! I, my wife, and daughter love it!! It’s a beautiful compromise between traditional and new media! Bravo

From Francop81:
This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Besides the fact that the game itself is a lot of fun, I absolutely love the idea of making books fun and interactive like this for kids. This has so much potential, it’s exciting just to think about it. Can’t wait to hear/see more.

Free Game: Rock Launcher
You and your wee-one will have a ‘blast’, literally, as you try to launch silly sized rocks into the pink and white socks!

To play the Rock Launcher game, you will need to download and install this App, then visit to download and print the free Augmented Reality Rock Launcher game image target. Once it is printed, point your iPad2+ camera at the image…and..GET READY FOR THE FUN TO BEGIN!

I simply cannot stop playing Rock Launcher! What a fun idea, and the story itself is very meaningful! I have tried of all the activities and would have to say Gracie dancing is my favorite!

I would like to see some awards or achievements for Rock Launcher, and I will eagerly be awaiting updates!

Rocks In My Socks Book: 8 Augmented Reality activities:

To experience the other 8 Rocks In My Socks Augmented Reality games, you will need the Rocks In My Socks book. The book is not included in this App. To purchase and find out more about the book, please visit:

Bring story time to life with one of the first Augmented Reality enhanced story and activity books, Rocks In My Socks, targeted at pre-school and school age children from 4 to 7 years old.

Build with groundbreaking technology and bursting with stimulating activities, this unique book combines an endearing story and characters with 8 interactive games, accessible by downloading this Free Rocks In My Socks App, (plus an additional 5 manual games) to further engage and excite young readers…It’s a book like nothing you have experienced before!

Augmented Reality activities Include:

Kia’s Dino Shadow Matching Game
Emilio’s Silly Riddle Game
Gracie’s Dance-Time Jamboree
Kia’s Silly Sock Matching Game
HighTower’s Music & Color
Emilio’s Favorite Sports Matching Game
Kia’s Favorite Thing’s Shadow Matching
Gracie’s Colorful Hat Matching Game

This App’s many features include:

-Lively interactive games that responds to your child’s touch
-Hand to eye coordination challenges
-Color recognition and matching games
-Shadow and object association and matching
-Music and color association with a 3D keyboard to play your favorite songs
-Get a bit of exercise with the 3D animated Gracie showing her favorite dance moves
-Easy instruction screens accessible anytime
-More AR fun can be found at

From Mock31997:
I tried this app out and I thought it was phenomenal. I showed it to some relatives of mine and they loved it. Rocks in my socks is a lot of fun and good for the mind. Just awesome.

We welcome your feedback. Please share your thoughts in a review below or by emailing

Please note that we are supporting iOS 5

Don’t forget – if you also own an iPod touch 4th Generation and/or iPhone iOS5 – you will also need to download that FREE App on the individual device.

iTunes :


Welcome to the Dancing Gangham AR PUG App! This augmented reality virtual pet is hilarious.
All you need is an Android Device with rear facing camera and a printer and your are in AR PUG heaven!
Simply print out the trackable Pug target:

Google Play :

Chick-fil-A® Kids & Family

Your friends at Chick-fil-A® are excited to bring you the new Chick-fil-A Kids & Family App as a digital extension of our Kid’s Meal Program.
We want families to feel just as good about our children’s games and activities as they do about our food. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating games that kids love and parents appreciate. We promise to ensure that everything we put into children’s hands — from Chick-fil-A® Nuggets to Apps — meets the high quality standards that families have come to expect from Chick-fil-A.
The Amazing Cow Heroes in Augmented Reality

See the Amazing Cow Heroes come to life from the cover of your Amazing Cow Hero comic book (issues 6-10 only). Just aim the camera of your device at the cover of your comic book to see the cows in action. PLEASE NOTE: You can get the latest issues of the Amazing Cow Hero comic books at your local Chick-fil-A restaurant while supplies last. If you don’t get a comic book, visit to get the printable comic book covers so you can experience the Amazing Cow Heroes in augmented reality.
• Each cow comic book has a different Amazing Cow Hero augmented reality experience.
• See what happens when you place two cow comic books side by side in front of the camera. NOTE: Less powerful devices will prompt you to scan one comic book cover at a time. When pointing the device at the second comic book cover, you will see both cows in action.
• Make sure your volume is turned up to hear the cool sound effects.


  • Each cow comic book has a different Amazing Cow Hero augmented reality experience
  • Sound effects
  • Intuitive interface
    PLEASE NOTE: Requires Android 2.1+, 600MHz, 128 MB

Google Play :

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