Augmented Reality in London

Below are some of the best Augmented Reality Activities happening in London


London Tube / London Bus application for the iPhone 3GS with Augmented Reality

London Tube / London Bus is a new application, specifically developed for the iPhone 3GS, that enables you to visualize subway stations and Points of Interest (POI) located in your nearby environment, thanks to a unique Augmented Reality functionality using the iPhone camera.

London Tube is the original and No. 1 selling application for getting around London.


London Tube is a comprehensive guide to traveling through London. This application includes official subway maps. London Tube map is licensed from Transport for London (TfL).

● Latest official map of London Tube with zones (2012). Landscape and portrait modes. Maps of all Tube lines.

● Optimized for iPhone 5 big screen. Works on all iPhone versions.

● Precise location of each station on the map (with a red circle). This application is fully compatible with Apple Maps, each station is represented by a red pin, a popup shows you the distance, and it’s updated live (thanks to GPS) as you walk down the streets of London!

● The journey planner tool allows you to find automatically the best route to get to your destination in London Tube. The journey planner does not require a network connection to operate, it works perfectly while in the subway.

● This application works perfectly OFFLINE (maps, journey planner, etc.).

● The bookmark manager allows you to save your stations and routes.

● The application locates the nearest Tube stations from your position in London. You can also provide an address in London, all the stations closest to that address will be displayed.

● London Bus is available in the same application through in-app purchase. This option allows you to switch between the underground and bus systems at any time using the same application. This add-on includes the official (Central) London Buses map from TfL with the key bus routes, locates the nearest bus stations, and also offers a journey planner tool.

● You can add new Point of Interest (POI) databases to London Tube application through in-app purchase. These options allow you to activate Food & Drink POI, Leisure POI, Attractions POI, and Accommodation POI in all over the UK. You will be able to locate all nearby POI on Apple Maps, and through the Augmented Reality view.


● London Tube icon is badged with the current number of disrupted Tube lines. Updated automatically every 15 minutes.

● Service updates (Real time travel news) are available.

● London Tube application has added push notification support that allows you to be notified in background, even if you have closed the application. This feature allows you to receive Tube alerts in real time, when a disrupted line is detected, a notification is automatically sent to your iPhone or iPod Touch.


London Tube Your New Eye. This is a unique augmented reality functionality that enables you to see the nearest stations and POI with iPhone’s camera live view.

● iPhone vertical position: 360-degree view of all stations nearby your location, updated in real time as you walk in the streets.

● iPhone horizontal position: List of all nearest stations. When a station is selected, a red arrow (compass) is displayed to show the direction and the distance to that point.

IMPORTANT : This application requires an active Internet connection to retrieve data. You also need to turn on “Location Services” and “Notifications” options in the settings of your iPhone.

iTunes :

Augmented Reality at City University, London

A demonstration of how Augmented Reality is being used in the School of Health Sciences at City University London to help nursing students develop Clinical Skills.

Further details about this project can be found here:

Top Gear’s James May stars in AR “Science Stories” app for London’s Science Museum

The Science Museum in London now has the help of James May to explain the background of some of its exhibits. Point your smartphone or iPad at some of the displays and a holographic version of James (not unlike Princess Leah in Star Wars!) appears to hover over the plinth, telling you all sorts of exciting facts and figures. Martin Stanford met James May, and the clever people from Digicave and Qualcomm who made it all happen.

James May Science Stories is the highly innovative new way to bring science to life! A partnership between the Science Museum in London, and world renowned television presenter James May, whether you are in the Museum itself or at home anywhere in the world, make learning fun and informative!

The App uses the wonders of “augmented reality”, as James gives you an overview is his own inimitable style on nine fascinating exhibits from the Museum’s “Making of the Modern World” gallery.

Learn about the Model T Ford, the Rolls Royce Merlin engine the world’s first X-Ray machine and much more… and make sure you are paying attention, so you get maximum marks in the Quiz!

The App is designed to be useful and suitable for a wide range of ages, and uses a ‘marker’ to ‘trigger’ the augmented reality, and whether in the museum or at home, a full explanation on exactly how to do this is included within the App.

To download the ‘marker’ which ‘triggers’ the augmented reality for the out of museum experience, please visit the following link at the Science Museum website:

Note: ‘Augmented Reality’ applications add to what you actually see in real life. The ‘out of museum’ mode sees James’ 3D photo realistic avatar talking about the exhibits, with a picture and curator notes also available, but you need to go to the museum to see the exhibit with James in front of it. It is not a video of James talking about the exhibits in the Science Museum. The App also required a camera function, so does not function on iPad1.

Click here for a sneak peek at the “Science Stories” augmented reality app for Android and iOS devices, which sees Top Gear’s James May offer a guided tour of London’s Science Museum.

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BBC News – London Shard’s augmented reality telescopes

The Shard in London is Western Europe’s tallest building at 310m (1,016ft).

Click’s Spencer Kelly travels to the observation gallery to explore some of the technology present in the building.

Ralph Lauren London 4D

Ralph Lauren London celebrates 10 years of digital innovation by putting on a virtual fashion show that brings it’s building on Bond Street to life.

In celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses. Watch as the London flagship at 1 New Bond Street disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space.

For more details check it at

Get London Reading

Explore London’s literary heritage for free with the Get London Reading app. Find books on your street, on your way to work, or in places of interest. Simply click the map to find books in your area. Use augmented reality to see exactly where the books are in 3D. Add books to your favourites, and search the books database. With over 500 books (and counting), you can explore London through it’s books.

Feel free to add your own reviews for books in London at:

Augmented Reality requires a 3GS iPhone.

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Museum of London: Streetmuseum

Streetmuseum gives you a unique perspective of old and new London whether you’re discovering the capital for the first time or revisiting favourite haunts. Hundreds of images from the Museum of London’s extensive collections showcase both everyday and momentous occasions in London’s history, from the Great Fire of 1666 to the swinging sixties.

Select a destination from our London map or use your GPS to locate an image near you. Hold your camera up to the present day street scene and see the same London location appears on your screen, offering you a window through time. Want to know more? Simply tap the information button for historical facts.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, use Streetmuseum to create your own trails around London. At home, on the way to work or enjoying a trip to the capital – whatever you’re doing, Streetmuseum offers you a different outlook on London.

Of course with thousands of years of turbulent history, London has changed many times so some streets or buildings may not exist today. Where precise locations aren’t available, relish the challenge of identifying recognisable landmarks which may offer you clues as to the current day site. A street name in the background or a church spire in the distance may be all you need to find the view. Our descriptions can also help you locate the right spot.

Want to continue your journey? Visit the Museum of London’s spectacular new Galleries of Modern London and discover the story of the world’s greatest city and its people.

To find out more or buy prints of these and other images, visit

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Some of best Augmented Reality Companies in London



Berwick Post :


T-immersion :

Lemon Interactive:




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