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A Complete overview of how Augmented Reality for Print industry and the corresponsing technologies.

Layar Creator – Welcome to Interactive Print

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Layar Creator places the power of interactive print at everyone’s fingertips. Layar is the world’s easiest way to activate print media with digital content. It’s a self-service web application that lets anyone infuse static pages with interactive experiences.

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Crossfy: The Link Between Online and Offline


Crossfy brings interactive multimedia content from the web to the print, allowing publishers to add complementary information and interactivity to an otherwise statistical content.

Features :

• Rich and interactive content
• Cheaper prices
• Increase influx of online advertising dollars
• Fast image recognition
• Easy and user friendly
• White-label
• API ready to be implemented on your own application
• More than just a platform
• New ecosystem
• The link between print and digital
• Rich content, premium content
• Information with enhanced value
• A new form of advertising
• Greater impact, greater conversion
• Contextual/related advertising
• Image Monetization
• Easy and Intuitive
• A new way to consume information
• Instant extra content
• Multi-Platform App
• Interact both online and offline content

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Commonwealth Bank Augmented Reality Print Ad

In a worldwide industry first, the Commonwealth Bank ran a mobile-driven, augmented reality print advertisement in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Readers first had to download the CommBank 3D reader app. Once they have the app, they can then access Cherryford Hill, a 3D virtual town where users can interact, move around and experience the features of the CommBank Property Guide app.

Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet app “Augmented Reality” on your smartphone

Download the app on iPhone & iPad :

With the application Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet (FR), and virtually discover in preview the new Golf Cabriolet. By downloading the free application, you can make it appear with you before augmented reality! Visit concession Volkswagen for the experience or download support augmented reality – Open / close the top – Choose the body color and model of rims. – Take a picture as if you had seen it all before the world and share it. – Access to all information on the product and request your brochure.

Download the app on Android :

The world’s first mobile Augmented Reality Special Magazine Edition

Please note: iOS 4.0 Update is mandatory for this experience!

The entire issue No 33 of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung’s supplement magazine (hitting the news stands on August 20th) is dedicated to present its readers with a print media experience never before seen anywhere in this form. In cooperation with Augmented Reality (AR) specialist metaio the entire magazine has been enriched with multimedia content which can be enjoyed by anyone using a smartphone. This makes the SZ magazine the first publication to enhance print media with the attractions and capabilities the digital world has to offer.

Augmented Reality Printing with

Augmented Reality Printing is here! Go to to find out more is excited to offer a product that is set to revolutionize both the print industry and the way you communicate with your customers…Augmented Reality Printing. This technology allows you to engage and communicate with your customers in a completely new way. Welcome to the future of print marketing.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality allows individuals to create, share and discover virtual content in real-life environment. With Augmented Reality, your static designs instantly and vividly come to life.

Available on all Smartphone and Tablet devices, is offering unique Augmented Reality technology that is capable of recognizing and interpreting printed images. The platform then delivers digital content (videos, images, audio and/or web pages) in real time. In essence, Augmented Reality turns your traditionally printed posters, flyers, business cards, leaflets, banners etc. into a digital canvas for all to see.
Once an Augmented Reality print campaign is organized, your customers follow 3 incredibly simple steps to engage with your digital content:

1.) Download the FREE StuPrint app from The App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
2.) View your print work through the devices camera.
3.) Watch the artwork come to life.
N.B. 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity is required

Organizing an Augmented Reality print campaign with

Setting up an Augmented Reality Print campaign with couldn’t be easier:

1.) Click on ‘Our Products” to view our wide range of printed goods. Select the product you’re after and enter the relevant specifications (paper size, paper weight, paper finish & quantity).
2.) At the bottom of the instant quote system make sure you click “Add Augmented Reality” button.
3.) Complete your order as usual, uploading your digital content (videos, images, audio and/or web pages) along with the standard artwork.
We’ll take care of the rest!’s Augmented Reality service is set at the fixed price of £39.
The nature of the digital content delivered in your Augmented Reality print campaign is completely up to you. We are very excited to see what you can do with this unique technology.
Please note that all Augmented Reality campaigns automatically include the addition of the following logo to let your customers know what to do:

It is not compulsory to include this logo but it is strongly advised. Please leave a note on your order page or contact us directly if you wish to opt out.

Please be aware that not all designs are suitable for Augmented Reality Print campaigns. If it turns out that your design does not work well, we will be more than happy to issue a refund for the Augmented Reality part of your order.
If you would like any more information on this product then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.
We are also now offering a video design service. This is priced at £45 per hour. Please email or phone us directly to find out more.

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