Augmented Reality Against Greasy Stains

AR Door has teamed up with Apex, an advertising agency, to develop an interactive augmented reality game to demonstrate exclusive features of Ariel (Procter&Gamble), laundry detergent. For a few days all the visitors of the shopping malls waged an augmented reality war against greasy stains on clothes. To start the game stand still in front of the sensor until you see yourself on a screen wearing a virtual 3D model of a white T-shirt. Once completed, move your body to the left or to the right trying to avoid falling food. Your task is to keep the ultra-white T-shirt from greasy stains as long as possible. When the dirt indicator turns into red, take a pack of Ariel Deluxe to get rid of the stains. Hold it in front of the camera for a second and then catch the molecules as much as you can. The event took place simultaneously in two shopping malls in Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan.

The video is available here:

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