The Augmented Detective: An Immersive Noir Adventure

An interactive mystery game you experience with help from your phone by finding clues hidden around downtown Los Angeles.

The Augmented Detective

The Augmented Detective

TL;DR version: We’re creating a detective story for you to live out any time you want in downtown LA. Players explore remarkable spots with friends, find clues we hid, and decide which of the characters are on the level or have something to hide. Help us make this game for you, and you can also snag yourself mustache T-shirts, pencil disguises, clue notepads, or our popular games livening up a party at your house. The game itself will be free and ready to play in spring 2014.


It’s a noir detective game that anyone in Los Angeles with a mobile phone can play for free. The object of the game is to locate a stolen artifact and find a disappearing detective, but there’s lots more to it than that. You’ll investigate tangible artifacts and interrogate virtual suspects via site-specific video content your phone unlocks as you move through the game. This isn’t a typical story: you don’t read it or watch it, you live it.

You set the plot in motion by visiting the detective’s office, and soon you’ve picked up where he left off, searching for a peculiar artifact stolen from a desperate, pushy client. Using feet-on-the ground sleuthing, you’ll visit locations around downtown LA, making decisions and solving puzzles to move the story forward. It’s site-specific unscripted theater, transmedia gameplay, corporeal virtual reality, LARPing and loitering… you could call it any of those things. We call it The Augmented Detective.

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