Augmented Reality
We build custom augmented reality apps for all kinds of products. Displaying your product in AR brings it closer to the customer, providing him with more detail and depth. Additionally, AR brings a sense of wonder and excitement, not only for first time users.

Possible uses for AR are 3D product displays, using catalogues, ads or posters. Also, additional information for art pieces or similar content can be displayed. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Serious Games
Serious games provide the user with more than mere fun – they are built to help people learn or train new skills. A hospital might offer a serious game as part of their therapies, or schools can let their students play to learn. Serious games can make even the most tedious task more fun.

With a background in several rehabilitational games for the ETH Zurich, we are equipped with extensive experience in the field and ready to create almost any kind of serious game.

Virtual Reality
We have been working with virtual reality on the Oculus Rift headset since its developer release and have a deep understanding of the technique you need to make it an awesome experience.

Virtual reality is not only for games, but mostly for experiences you could not have as easily, or never, in real life. You can bring a whole new world into a small space – the matrix has never been closer.

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