Areal – Power of visual search and augmented reality in your hands

Areal is a magical application which brings the power of visual search and augmented reality in your hands.

  1. Download App
  2. Point it on the page which has the vivid icon of Areal
  3. Experience magic of augmented reality


Areal is an Adstuck Consulting product. It is cloud based which means it has unlimited recognition capability. Areal is an application you can use to welcome augmented reality to your life. Augmented reality is an amazing experience, where you can ‘rediscover’ your reality in vivid details.

You can use your smartphone camera, and be surprised! Find augmented reality in your surroundings.

Developed by Adstuck, Areal is an ‘augmented reality app’ which will directly give you the newest in augmented reality content. Areal has several augmented reality contents embedded in newsprints, magazines, hoardings, posters, and many other. You can access all of these amazing AR with this app. Areal is a powerful tool which can be downloaded on your mobile phone from Google’s Play Store and Android marketplace.

To use Areal, download the application with just a click from either of the app markets, it can also be downloaded from, install it into your smartphone or tablet.
Now, you can run the app which will use your mobile phone or laptop camera any you can find augmented reality automatically in your surroundings and will let you engage in an experience of spectacular 3D animation, videos and more. You can use Areal to read augmented contents, which pop out on your screen in print media as well.

So, get AREAL now! and, bring Augmented Reality to your life.

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