AR-Code : The New Augmented Reality Experience

Turn your device into the gate from which to turn your everyday life into an amazing interactive Augmented Reality journey.


AR-Code is the free application that aims to add Augmented Reality in day-by-day life as it allows all kind of printed material to be alive.

The challenge is to let you enjoy interactive digital content in every single moment. Look at the AR-Code stamp along the way, on magazines, newspapers,packaging, street signs…

AR-Code offers several free services, such us:

-MOVIESCANNER. Using AR-Code, point at the poster of the movie you are interested and in a few taps, the plot and the trailer will appear as an augmented reality content directly on your device screen. The service is available in multiple languages depending on the movies.

-DAILY HOROSCOPE. The horoscope in Augmented Reality that you can read every day pointing AR-Code at the special postcard that you can find on the AR-Code Store at The Service is available in English version.

-DAILY QUOTES. Start every day with a famous quote that appears in Augmented Reality pointing AR-Code at the special postcard that you can find on the AR-Code Store at The Service is available in English version.

These are just examples of how AR-Code can change you day-by-day life.

Point at the print and scan it. An overlaying digital content, related to what you are looking at, will be displayed on your device to facilitate your decisions,entertain or inform you. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Check the supported prints around you in the supermarket, at the bus stop, all along your way…
  • Point your device at the printed material marked by AR-Code stamp, discover and interact with digital extra content.
  • Tap on the active touch points and enjoy the dynamic content that will make the print alive.
  • Select your lifestyle preferences and be updated, getting augmented digital content about them.
  • Download your favoured ones and print them to get the experience be repeated off line.
  • Be alerted when a new Featured digital content is added.
  • Share your unique experience with friends, colleagues and relatives.

Transform your day into an interactive journey with Augmented Reality.

AR-Code is a free application that captures digital content from any print or physical media and shows it to you directly on the screen of your device. Videos, images, slideshows, information, maps, animations, sounds, 3D models, configurators…

AR-Code gives you the chance to interact with real objects anytime and anywhere you want. You can use AR-Code both in real time, near the physical source, or on-demand by accessing the AR-Code Store, the library of content to download anytime you like.

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