Annie Weinberger talks Augmented Reality and Aurasma[Videos]

Annie Weinberger, General Manager, Aurasma discusses HP Autonomy’s Augmented Reality platform and highlights interesting use cases including GQ, Marvel, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones and HP Live Photo.

Annie Weinberger

SXSW – Annie Weinberger, Aurasma

HP Autonomy Exchange: Annie Weinberger, General Manager, Aurasma

Annie Weinberger provides an overview of HP Autonomy’s augmented reality (AR) platform, Aurasma, the rapid adoption of the platform including customer use cases, the launch of Aurasma 2.0, and touches on key trends in the market.

Aurasma allows people to use rich images instead of text or QR codes to turn search into an action-oriented interactive experience. Aurasma’s visual search delivers augmented animations, images and videos to smartphones and tablets, and now has more than 16,000 customers spanning multiple industries, including advertising, automotive, education, fashion, music, publishing and sport.

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