360specs – Turn your Smart Phone into Virtual Reality Headset

360specs are a goggles that turns a smart handheld devices into a head mounted display: 360specs put you right inside the 3D games.

Executive Summary

360specs are wearable headset. They use the display of your tablet or smart phone, along with its built-in orientation sensors, to transform nearly any mobile device into a virtual reality (VR) platform.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

You can use 360specs to watch a 3D movie in wide-angle, get a close-up view of your 3D photos or enjoy full-immersion gaming. We plan to produce the goggles in four sizes to accommodate mobile devices with different screen sizes—from 4-inch phones up to 7-inch tablets.

Since filing for a patent and creating our first prototype more than a year ago, we’ve been testing and refining the design of the 360specs, improving the optics, mechanics and ergonomics to make sure the goggles work well and ensure that they are easy and fun to use. Along with the 360specs, backers will receive samples of immersive games so they can test the experience.

Once we receive our funding, we’ll start production with a goal of shipping product in February 2014. Then our Kickstarter backers can enjoy full immersion in the wireless virtual reality experience.

What Are 360specs?

We’ve all heard of virtual reality, but not many people have had the chance to try this exciting technology. Now, though, anyone can experience full immersion in a virtual world. Built into a wearable headset, 360specs transform nearly any tablet or smart phone into a powerful yet inexpensive virtual reality platform. Using the display of your mobile device and its built-in orientation sensors, 360specs give you a close-up, in-depth view of your favorite apps, including social media and e-books. You can even use the specs to watch movies with a wide-angle view—wider than you’d get from a home theater system. Most exciting of all, 360specs deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Put on the headset, and 360specs place you right in the middle of the action. You’ll see more of your game world than on even the widest flat screen monitor.

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